Requests / Asking for things and services, or information

Restaurants, bars…

  • I‘ll have a coke (spontaneous decision)
  • I’m going to have the pork chop suey (plan, intention)
  • Can I have a beer, please?
  • I’d like the onion soup, please/thank you.


  • Can I have…, please?
  • Two batteries for this, please.

Clothes shops

  • I’m looking for …
  • I need …
  • I would like to find …

Requesting information

1. Directions

  • Can you tell me the way to the station, please?
  • Could you tell me the way to the post office?
  • Where can I find an ATM / a cash machine?

2. Polite written requests

  • I was wondering if you could send me more detailed information about room prices.
  • Could you tell me whether there is a swimming pool in the premises?

Básico 1 – 02

When can we use the present simple?

When we speak about things that are like that, generally true: What’s your name? What do you think? I’m 40 (years old). Do you have any siblings? I work as a teacher. I’m a student. I’m Spanish. Where do you live?  Mary is tall, chubby. She has long dark hair. Her eyes are blue.

When we speak about our feelings and states: It’s cold. I’m tired. She’s really happy. We’re not angry.

When we speak about our habits and routines (with time phrases like “on Mondays,” “every day,” “in the morning,” “once a month”; and with F.A., frequency adverbs, like “always,” “often,” “usually,” “never”). On Mondays I go to my English lessons. Every weekday I go to work. I often meet my friends at / on the weekend.

Básico 1 – 01

Informal Proposals, suggestions: propuestas informales: LET’S …
Let’s start!
Let’s do dialogue 1.45

Announcing plans: …GOING TO…
We’re going to start
We’re going to do dialogue 1.45

Please, do something: CAN YOU…, please?
Please, give me something: CAN I HAVE…, please?

Offers and Invitations: WOULD YOU LIKE…?
Answers: Yes, please. / No, thanks. / No, than you.
Would you like a candy/sweet?
Would you like another drink?with verbs: Would you like to come?

Offering yourself to do sth for others:
In Question Form: SHALL I…?
As a Statement: I’LL…Shall I start?
I’ll start! Is it OK? (Answer: Go ahead!)

Giving & Asking for Advice

  • Why don’t you …?
  • I think you should …
  • My advice would be to …. / for you to … / for us to …
  • I’m sure you ought to / should …
  • Don’t you think it would be better to …. ?
  • You should / ought to …
  • If I were you, I’d …
  • You’d better …
  • I have a problem. I need some advice.
  • Should I…?
  • What should I…?
  • I can’t work this out / sort this out. What would you do?
  • I can’t make up my mind. If you were I/me, what would you do?